The Sheila Toomey Award 
Criteria for applications
Applicants must be aged between 16-21
They must live within the area designated by the Warminster Town Council and outer village parishes.

Apply to follow your dream!
Applications in writing and addressed to:
( send applications between )
( 1st January and 1st March each year )

Mrs Adela Forestier-Walker
The Warminster Athenaeum Trust
The Athenaeum Centre
18 - 20 High Street
Warminster BA12 9AE

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Young and Talented?
The Sheila Toomey Award is granted annually to financially assist those students with exceptional talent in the field of Art, Music and Drama.
Judging applications
An independent panel made up of the Trustees judges all applications on talent and merit. Special consideration is given to those who have demonstrated their enthusiasm, i.e. by involving themselves with the Warminster Athenaeum Centre or its associated arts organisations.
Adela Forestier-Walker, Michael Toomey, Adrian Phillips, Frances Pearson, Tony Nicklin, Andrew Frostick, Jacky Page, Susi Tenty.

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In 2010 Little Sparrows produced ANNIE, in 2012 OLIVER! both exclusively for the Sheila Toomey Award fund but, in 2013 most profits for PETER PAN THE MUSICAL (6,000) went to to their home, the Athenaeum for the restoration of the Auditorium & Stage and the Lighting & Sound Department. However the exit collection and raffle proceeds went to the Sheila Award. The musical SMIKE (based on Charles Dicken's Nicholas Nickleby) was produced in March 2015 .... and SHEILA'S STARS (a Gala in aid of the Sheila Toomey Award) was held on 9 April 2016 starring many of the Award recipients since its inception in 2003.
Finally, the Trustees of the Sheila Award are proud to announce that they are presenting CATS THE MUSICAL at the ATH on 16-18 FEBRUARY 2017.

Giving young people the opportunity to share their talent and enthusiasm - and to help a worthwhile cause for our community.
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