Athenaeum Limelight PlayersPresents
Blackadder II
Wed 27th.Nov.2019 to Sat 30th Nov
Adults 10
Concession 9

Group 9 see conditions
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Listen you lot, Christmas can take a holiday this year cos Flashheart’s in town. And I know what you’re thinking, can Warminster cope with this much excitement? Woof woof! My old mate Eddie has invited me and all you less attractive mortals to join him as he throws away his freedom. Then we can all sit back, codpiece in hand, and watch as he outmanoeuvres the Bishop, discovers an interesting wine from the new world and escapes from the dungeon of certain death. 

If you book early enough (by 27th September), then you may be lucky enough to be close enough to smell my pheromones. And don’t worry ladies, there will be plenty left for you too. 

Signed, Flash

P.S. Isn’t this the multi-nominated production team. I hear they’re very good...yes, Lord Flashheart...Ouch...Yes, of course if you were directing it it would’ve won all the awards. 
Signed, Lord Percy Percy

  • Wednesday 27th Nov -7.30pm
  • Thursday 28th Nov -7.30pm
  • Friday 29th Nov -7.30pm
  • Saturday 30th Nov - 2.30pm matinee performance
  • -------//-------//-------7.30pm evening performance
  • EarlyBird - all tickets  £9 - deal ends midnight 27th Sept 2019
  • Tickets £10  as from 28th Sept
  • Concession £9 over 65 & under16 as from 28th Sept
  • Group Discount - buy 10 or more & get £1 off each ticket (from 28th Sept)
From the pen of Richard Curtis & Ben Elton - with kind permission of the BBC in support of Comic Relief

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