Ethem Media proudly presents:
Secret Spitfires (film)
Sun 8th.Mar.2020
Adults 10
Concession 6 children

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Secret told for the first time in a touching documentary, a must see !

A Charity Fundraiser for The Rifles Museum and the Secret Spitfires Memorial, both based in Salisbury.

Secret Spitfires is the remarkable story of how WWII Spitfire fighter aircraft were built in secret right in the heart of Southern England.

It has taken 75 years for this story to come to light. It tells of how hundreds of girls, boys, women, elderly men and a handful engineers built the iconic fighter plane the Spitfire, in secret, hidden in sheds, depots, garages, barns and even a hotel. So hidden, Hitler’s spies couldn’t find them and have them bombed.

The story starts with Hitler’s determination to destroy Spitfire production and to achieve air superiority as a prelude to invasion. What he and his generals didn’t know was that as they were destroying the main Spitfire factories in Southampton, manufacturing was being moved to secret factories in rural cities, small towns and villages. Three new main centres were set up such as Salisbury, Trowbridge and Reading which in turn were supplied by many other units hidden around the region such as Aldermarston, Chattis Hill, Eastleigh, Henley, Highpost, Hursley, Newbury, Winchester and Worthy Down. They worked alongside Southampton dispersals and the Castle Bromwich shadow factory in Birmingham to produce over 22,000 Spitfires to help win the war. The secret was so well kept, even the family and friends of the workers never knew what they did and where they worked.

'The Germans never knew of these secret factories even though they had spies in the neighbourhood' says Ethem Cetintas, the film’s co-director/producer together with Karl Howman, who discovered the remarkable story by a chance encounter with Gary Roberts, Associate Producer/researcher for the project along with historian and secret factory engineer Norman Parker. To this day, most local inhabitants don’t know what happened, literally on their doorstep.

This documentary demanded to be made to get it on record before no one was left to tell the story first hand. It took three and a half years to research and film and was entirely self-funded.

There will be a Q & A session after the film, in which both Ethem Cetintas (the film director) and  Norman Parker (WW2 Spitfire engineer and historical adviser for the film) will participate.

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