( Not shown in the daily Diary )

Are in the Pratten Hall EVERY weekday morning during Term time. It is available for use during the afternoon and evening during term time and at all times during school holidays.  IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT IT IS LEFT SPOTLESS.  Washing-up done, sink and work surfaces clean, floors swept and WASHED, rubbish removed, all equipment removed.  Toilets flushed and left clean.  Doors, windows and curtains closed.  Lights off.

2. ACTS 

Have the sole use of the PRATTEN HALL every Saturday morning during Term Time, plus the use of two other rooms as available, e.g Function Room, Gallery, Meeting Room - additionally if the stage is not in use, they may use this.  ALL SPACES MUST BE LEFT CLEAR AND TIDY FOR THEM. 

Rehearsal times.  
It is simply not possible or convenient to put these into the Diary on a daily basis.  It must just be assumed that they will be held by Residents during the following approximate times, and in various venues - either the Auditorium/Pratten Hall/Function Room/Gallery and Meeting Room, depending on what is available.  These times can be changed between the parties to suit everyone. MUTUAL DISCUSSION AND COOPERATION BETWEEN RESIDENTS  IS ESSENTIAL.

4. ALPs *
May rehearse on Tuesday &Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings (officially from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.) 
May rehearse on Monday & Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons (officially from 3 p.m - 6 p.m.)
Rehearse on Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Sundays (officially from 11 a.m - 3 p.m.)
*As they have similar rehearsal times, ALPs & ODDITY will share stage time equably as arranged between them.

Additionally Resident Hirers may all use any other facilities at any time they are not in use by other Hirers, provided arrangements are made with the Booking Secretary.